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Cybercrime has many types. From the easy and trivial to do to the complicated and only understood by people who have high knowledge. In addition, which vpn is best for kodi? You can read and find out about that.

Here are the types of cybercrime:

1. Hacking

This is done by entering/infiltrated a computer network system illegally, without permission or without the knowledge of the owner of the computer network system that he entered. This is also called Unauthorized Access to Computer Systems and Services. The purpose of the perpetrators to hack the system can be to steal data or just for fun.

2. Fraud

This scam happens a lot and takes victims who are less observant. For example, the circulation of SMS prizes Telkomsel whose information is on fake sites. Actually it is easy to distinguish, Telkomsel or other large companies will not use a free BlogSpot or WordPress website.

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3. Illegal Contents

It is a crime to enter data or information on the internet about something that is not true, unethical, and can be considered unlawful or disturbing public order. An example is the loading of a hoax or slander that will destroy the dignity or dignity of others, matters relating to pornography or the loading of information which is state secrets, agitation and propaganda to fight the legitimate government, and so on.

4. Falsification of Data

There is data theft, there is also data forgery or Data Forgery. In this case, the perpetrators falsified data on important documents stored as scriptless documents via the internet. This crime is usually directed at e-commerce documents by making it appear as if there was a “typo” which will ultimately benefit the offender.

5. Cracking

Crimes by using computer technology that is done to damage the security system of a computer system and usually commits theft, an anarchic act once they get access. Usually, we often misinterpret between a hacker and a cracker where the hacker himself is identical with negative actions, even though the hacker is a person who likes to program and believes that information is something that is very valuable and some that can be published and confidential.

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Cybercrime is a crime by utilizing technology or its network as a tool, destination and even the scene of the crime.

Here we reveal what’s the best vpn is, the way it works and what it can accomplish for you and your business.