Anticipate the Dangers of Cyber ??Crime

Cybercrime is a crime by utilizing technology or its network as a tool, destination and even the scene of the crime. Cybercrime is a crime that has a high enough ranking in the world. You can avoid this if you find out which is the best vpn app for iphone. Crimes in cybercrime can be in the form of credit card fraud, identity fraud, wiretapping to the theft of information, destruction of websites, spreading viruses, gambling to pornography. If you want to be elaborated one by one, then CyberCrime will have a very long list because there are so many types of CyberCrime.

As one example of CyberCrime that often happens is to spread the virus to user computers by directing the user to follow the commands desired by the perpetrator. So, users are strongly advised not to click any links or websites that are suspicious, because, with just one click, a virus can directly enter and get all our data.

Electronic fraud and theft also occur frequently. Well, one of the modes that we have heard directly is by falsifying domain names or sub-domains that are very similar to the original domain or sub-domain alias typosquatting.

So the perpetrator had already “trailed” the activities of his victims, when the victim used to trade, with what bank to how he usually transacted. The Swindler is smart enough to pretend to be the victim by making a very similar email name and ordering the finance department of the company to transfer some money. From here we are also encouraged to be more careful, especially in the use of email, because we are often not careful.

Another suggestion is that when we enter a username or password on a particular account, that is internet banking, social media accounts and so on, then we must ensure that the page is secure or not. Usually, the URL column will be visible. This small thing must also be considered, especially if we are connected to the network in public places.